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Innovative Methods of Teaching
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Welcome to Puritan Reformed University!

Our Missions

  • We pursue the route of Reformism.
  • Believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God that is the only standard for our faith and actions.
  • Believe in the verbal inspiration and organic inspiration of the Bible.
  • Believe that the Westminster Confession and the Larger and Smaller Catechisms are most appropriate for teaching of the Bible.
Τhe principal purpose of Puritan Reformed University is to help those who want to get trained for their future Christian ministries in the urban communities, churches, and nonprofit organizations to honor Jesus Christ and to give their services to the non-Christian people, introducing the story of Jesus Christ. The students who receive the higher education through PRU may earn the power of services to the people of the local churches and the people of world who are in need of the grace of God and the faith in God as workers are witnessing to Jesus Christ. This Theological School is against to humanitarian and libertarian theologies, but was formed to grow true religious leaders of God by bible, grace, and belief for glorification of Jesus Christ

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Rev. John Kim