Greetings from the President

We want to welcome you and thank you for your interest in our schools, PURITAN REFORMED UNIVERSITY. We are Christian academic and spiritual communities that are designed to give you a unique Christian educational experience. We are a Christian family more than schools. Our focus is on training future Christian leaders for the ministry of enlarging the Kingdom of God, and accomplishing Christ’s purposes on earth through the work of the Holy Spirit. Our educational programs will provide a unique equilibrium between academic pursuits and practical ministry in order to prepare evangelical leaders for balanced and effective ministries. Our ultimate objective is to train our students for full-time service for Christ, so that they may become knowledgeable and faithful workers such as teachers, evangelists, and missionaries.


As you review this catalog, our programs will guide you to develop your potential and to become committed and competent ministers of God within the community of faith. We are convinced that through our educational offerings, you will enhance your ability to bring the transformational power of God into your place of ministry, into your community, and into the market place to change the reality of the world.

We will accept those applicants who qualify for our entrance standards, who have committed themselves to do the work of Christ, and who will train themselves in order to empower others to receive God’s grace, the love of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit (II Timothy 2:2).
May God bless all who read this Catalog!

Peace in Christ,

Rev. John Kim, Th.D. President